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History, or ‘his story’, if you will, has always had something of a masculine slant. The great leaders and artists and pioneers of the ancient world seem to be overwhelmingly on the male side, and this doesn’t always paint the full picture. Women and men have both played very interesting roles over the years – often with significant crossovers by one or either gender – and female-identifying people have had a major impact on the course of history. This blog aims to rebalance by placing women at the forefront of the events that surrounded them, instead of adding them as footnotes and side characters to the history of men.

‘Strong women’ and ‘inspirational women’ are not always those who defy their culture’s gender norms, or who fight for something they believe in, or who had it tough, or who became a household name. Every single one of us impacts the past, the present and the future simply by existing. The women in these stories each have a unique tale that deserves to be told. Some changed thousands of lives for the better. Some were true villains of their time. Some lived unconventional lives, others conformed to who they felt they should be. Some loved men, or women, or both, or neither. Some were persecuted, others lauded. But all had something that makes them worth recording and worth knowing about – and hopefully among the whole bunch, someone’s story will inspire you, strike a chord with you or move you in some way.

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